The need to relieve oneself from daily stress and strain is fast becoming a norm in society now.  It is the burden of the endless pace of the day that brings fatigue with its deadlines, chaos and pressures. We spotted this need based ooportunity for relaxation way back in 2008 as we started the brand Aromathai.  A spa that promised an experience that would leave you rejuvenated and relaxed with ancient Thai techniques, trained staff and inviting premises that cocooned you from the world outside.

We did this with diligence, training and passion that has paid off with 21 outlets across the country now. A  client list that sees a  lot of celebrities and regulars who come in to refresh their bodies and minds with our  specialized therapies. We are, as we pride ourselves, the original Thai spa that has maintained a delicate balance between the ancient techniques and secrets of wellbeing with innovative services that deal with today’s problems.

Our venture is not only a growing need but a successful opportunity for anyone looking to be in the spa business with the best name in the field!

Our track record is proof of our efforts and dedication to building a brand that’s known and trusted and we look forward to any queries of a partnership that is built for success on a firm foundation.

Feel free to contact us if you’re ready to work with Aromathai. You must, of course, be prepared for instant success!